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016: Winter Wardrobe Wonderland - AKA most recent GETS
Hey everyone! How are you doing? I hope you're all well! As I type this is the week of Black Friday and I am oh so excited. I really do have a shopping addiction.  Do any of you guys participate in BF? I try to do every year if I have money! There are just so many places I want to be at all at once. Of course they make it purposely hard because the day before you've gotten so much food in you, you just wanna sleeeep. I'm also a bit sad to see it come because it will also highlight the end of my work Vacation! ;A; VACATION TIME GOES TOO FAST. It's so unfair. But I'm excited to hang out with friends this week.

And now it's time to thank my newest followers:
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I'm so happy you guys wanted to follow! Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy the blog!

So, during the earlier part of this month, and the later part of last, I was able to get a major boost to my wardrobe. I got a lot of things I'd been needing for a long time (Boots!) and some awesome goods thanks to sales. I only shop when there are great sales to be had, so that has to count for something right? Wrong.

And one of my favorite stores Torrid, was having a half off clearance sale. Which is the only time I can afford to shop there. (Really Torrid, I love you but $50.00 for like a tank top? I think not.) Plus those fools were daft enough to give me a charge card. *cackles!* I think I got some pretty good deals too, and I always make comparisons. Of course not everything is from Torrid, I got some things from other stores that were having some pre-holiday sales.

So, without further ado, let's get on to the pictures! I apologize before hand for the low quality of my photos. Still haven't gotten a digital camera yet. ;__; 

I realized I didn't have enough t-shirts, in my wardrobe. I had to remedy that. I love the creme de la creme one, but it's SO SHEER. aw mah gawd. Luckily, I have that cute patterned tank top to go under it. I don't normally care for skulls, but the skulls are non threatening, plus it has little hearts and keys. The black photo has a lot of cute rhinestones/studs in the camera bulb. Adore it. It's a little small so, I layer it too.

Continuing the t-shirts. It's black and white and red all over. Haw. -rimshot- The other one, is a knit over top, that I adore. It's meant for layering of course, but it looks great with my dark wash jeans, and some heels or boots. It's so versatile, I can see it going with many, many different styles.

This hoodie, you guys. Oh my god. This hoodie is a thing of love. Not only was I entranced by it's wonderful pattern of pink, with black and yellow plaid stripes--Seriously, this photo DOES NOT do it justice AT ALL- but the inner lining is so soft, I want to curl up in it and never take it off. Like, ever. I want everything to be made this soft.

This is another over shirt, but unlike the other knit one, this is a very flowy frothy lace like top. It's super girly and cute, and would look adorable with a nice skirt or such. And I think I have just the skirt to go with it. Again, the picture does it no justice, as it's very beautiful and feminine.

Continuing with my lace tops, this one is adorable. With it's length it could almost be a mini dress. It's also sheer, but it comes with black tank top to layer underneath. It's got a shirred waist, and cap sleeves, and bow openings in the back. Oh my god, bows. 

Now, before you say anything, I know I know. Floral top+floral bg = What. I didn't realize until it was too late. Forgive me. ;__; So anyway, onto this top. It's made out of the same cakey/frothy lace material as the over top. The pattern really reminds of Liz Lisa, which probably made me buy the thing in the first place. Since it's still on the website, here is a better photo and description. CLICK ME!

Lame picture but, hey, these jeans are pretty damn nice. Dark wash jeans, I bought originally to go with the knit over top. They also came with the belt which is a plus in my book.

This Dress. The Dress.  The dress that spoke to me when I entered store. The dress which when I held it, all the lights went dim, and the threads began to glow with a heavenly aura, and a chorus of angelic voices sang of it's glory.
. . Okay. So maybe the lights flickered in the store when I picked it up. And that glow could or could have not been my cellphone going off while my hand was inside the dress. And fine perhaps The Pretty Reckless isn't the most angelic band to be singing over the store speakers, but I DUN CARE. This dress is absolutely marvelous, beautiful and amazing. The fit the length and wonderful, and the pattern is breath taking. I'm a sucker for florals, and the vibrant cabbage roses tug at my heart strings.

As the subheading suggests. It is not time for the picture of the items that help set the outfit off. What would the fashion world be without accessories? I refuse to live in a world without jingle bracelets.

I love my sunglasses. The pearl necklace will be paired with the dress of amazing, the silver necklace says ''Heart Breaker" . The earrings are silver, red and black heart hoops. The pink and gold necklace is just plain awesome, yo'. Makes me feel like a fairy-kei rapper. Young Unicorn Glitter Giggles is in the house yo'!

Cool belt is cool. It even has rhinestones. BD Ballin'.

I love tights. I love the color pink. Nuff said. These are going to be awesome. Plus the black plaid ones are reversible! SCORE.

I paid less than seven dollars for all these earrings. You know you want to high five me. Yes. I don't know what made me buy the skull and cross ones. I think I was having a Sakurina moment.

That concludes this GETS posts! I hope you all enjoyed the items. As always please comment and let me know what you think! I actually have more posts planned concerning Black Friday, Sweets Streets & DIY Beauty! We'll see how fast I can churn those out!

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