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017: The land of fairies and unicorn giggles - Aka Spank! Event
Hello all my lovely followers! How are you doing? I hope you can all forgive me for my super long absence! I feel so terrible to having neglected my blog for so so long! I really feel terrible!   However, I'm still on my Vacation for another week, so please expect a barrage of posts from  me over the weekend! I have such a terrible back log!  I have many things to post about, such as events, a huge month long shopping haul, my birthday, etc! But let's get started with this!

As always I'd like to thank my newest follower:
I appreciate it so much!

As you all know a while back at the end of November Spank!, Bubble Punch,  Chubby Bunny and many other great artist got together to hold the Sweets Streets event at WWA Gallery in Culver City. I was dying to go and the amazing Sarah of Happiimilk agreed to let me go with her! It was wonderful finally meeting her and her friend Oli in person!  Well, when we finally got there, it was PACKED. The line was literally out the door and almost around the corner. We all had to wait for a while, but it did give everyone time to chat and make new friends! Unfortunately it also gave the weather time to change up and RAIN on us.  I think there was a lot of miscommunication and confusion going on with the organizers and the staff. 

However, finally everyone was let in and I was ecstatic to see all the wonderful art work!

There were so many people! And everyone had on such interesting clothes!

This was my outfit of the day! As you can tell, I've got some of my previous Gets on from earlier. I went with Pink, because I don't have to many Fairy-Kei type clothes.
Truly Outrageous! I love the crystals growing out of Jem!
The pink Totoro was adorable! Even while risqué, I really enjoyed the Princess inspired piece.
Some sexy and cute artwork from Beibadgirl! Rilakkuma milk!
There are never enough magical girls! 
Speaking of magical girls, this photo has one of my favorites! Creamy Mami is always amazing!
I love her outfit!
Loved these two pieces of work! The colors and the art style were amazing to me! Also, I want those shoes!
These works were truly astounding to me. I loved how the artist was able to take inspiration from Traditional Japanese & Chinese  fashion and myths and combine them with modern pop and colors to create something utterly original and fantastic!

Of course, not only was I there to see the amazing art work, but I ran into some wonderful people as well!
It was a great event to meet and greet, and I saw some wonderful bloggers as well. Unfortunately, there were a little too many people, so holding a conversation was a bit difficult.

The ever beautiful Risa!
Two of the organizers of the event! I loved their hair! Such gorgeous, vibrant colors! and that Sugar Pill necklace is AMAZING.

I didn't get a chance to catch their names, but I believe the girl on the right was a model for the fashion show!
Also, Big Bows and Start dresses!
So much cute pink! And those earmuffs!
Lindsay looking adorable as always!

After looking at all the beautiful artwork, it was time to go and shop! Chubby Bunny had an adorable mini shop set up in the back, and she was debuting some of her new pieces!

The shop!
Because the size of the shop was so tiny, there was another line to get in, but it was worth the wait! Even though I was toward the tail end of the line, there was still some adorable stock left! So thanks a lot Chubby Bunny! After I bought my items, Sarah was ready to go, so we bid adieu to the Spank! land, and went hunting for some late night eats. We ended up at El Pollo Loco, but it was still delicious!  So, what did I get?

This bag! So simple, yet so cute! I adore it!
The Haul!
Here's what's inside: Candy, a fashion pin, brochures for the event and the upcoming ones, and my adorable hair pins! I love them so much. I purchased three shooting stars, and one triple bunny pin! Cute and durable!
That sums up my time at the Sweet Streets gallery exhibit!

For more coverage and photos on the event be sure to check out these links:
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Thanks for reading guys! Sorry this is so behind! I'm working on my next post as I speak! Gonna get rid of that backlog I swear it!

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