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018: [Insert Rebecca Joke Here] - AKA Black Friday haul
Hello everyone and happy holidays! I apologize that this post is about a month late! But I'm determined to get through all my back log, so I call tell everyone about the lovely Christmas Eve I had! So let's get down to business!

As I mentioned earlier, I am a shopper who lives for the epic sales. Black Friday being one of them. Although in recent years, B.F. has become slightly less epic, however I blame the recession for that. Thus, this Black Friday was more of a Cyber deal for me. I think while my haul is small, I still got some really great items. :3

We'll start with the make up, because well: Make up.

Bare Minerals - All Decked Out

This was part of Sephora's $10.00 special deal. It's a three piece set from Bare Minerals, consisting of make up brush, all over face powder, that gives your skin an amazing rosy glow, and lip color. I really, really love the all over face blush. It's a very pretty dusky rose color, and what's great about it is, it works for ALL skin tones! Way to go, Bare Minerals. My only qualm is with the lip color, not with the quality of the product, but the color itself I feel is a bit too "muted" for my tastes.

Tarte - Lights, Camera, Lashes!
 Another of Sephora's $10.00 internet specials! This is a mascara complete with primer. (I have how many mascara's now?) but I'm absolutely in love with this one! The primer does an amazing job, and the mascara itself goes on very nicely without any clumps. I always test the effectiveness of mascara by how close my lashes can get to my eyebrows when I roll my eyes up. And this gets them pretty close! I carry it around in my purse all the time now, and love to use it as a sub for falsies when I'm on the go.

Sephora - Facial brush set and carrying case
The last of my Sephora gets. I'm a girl who loves make up brushes, and feel a variety is necessary. Mostly because I'm still learning all the tricks and need different types to play with. What I like most about these brushes besides the color is that each one is labeled with it's intended purpose. For someone still learning like me, that's tremendously helpful, since I can sometimes get them confused! Also, the little case is quite cute and convenient.

Along with my purchase Sephora was kind enough to let me have up to three samples of my choosing. Here's what I got:
Dermadoctor - Photo Dynamic, Peter Thomas - Instant Firm, Bumble & Bumble - Creme de Coco hair masque

They were very kind with their selection of quality samples! I've yet to try the other two, but I did try the hair masque. I was disappointed with the result, but I believe it's because the sample itself did not hold enough product for my hair. I would like to retry this product in a full size and see if it works any better. I really hope so!

And with the make up out of the way, we can move on to the gadgets! Sadly, I wasn't able to find a nicely priced Digi-cam this round, (hoping to do so after Christmas) but I was able to knock some things off my most wanted list!
JVC - Extra Bass headphones
Aww yess~ I had been needing a pair of headphones desperately, and I was so lucky when these went on sale at Radioshack! They were only $22.00 and I got free shipping! I opted for actual headphones because I hate earbuds due to their tendency to constantly fall out of my ear. These are nice, big, and deliver some great sound.

Toshiba - 500 GB HD,  PointMoble - Cell screen covers
So! Small story, on this HD. It gave me a bit of trouble. I knew there were going to be awesome HDs on sale this Black Friday. However, my sleepy self was on the late train and missed the best ones that were sold online. I was really disappointed! I then saw the Radioshack advertisement listing the above one for sale for around $60.00! I was on it. Unfortunately, when my mom and I got to our local store, they had sold out! And apparently the last one being put on hold. >__>

The staff was pretty unhelpful too in trying to help us locate another store that may have had one in stock. We finally decided to drive the next nearest store. My luck changed since I was able to buy the last one there, and the shop staff was SO MUCH NICER. They were extremely helpful and attentive to their customers. They also recommended the cellphone screen covers for me, since I was looking for new ones. I haven't put them on yet, but the ones I bought have a nice mirrored effect! Now, I can always check my make up on the go! X3

And that sums up everything I got on Black Friday! It was a very small haul, but I'm happy with what I was able to pick up.

P.S - A while ago, many of you may remember I was mentioned being lucky enough to win Hysteric-Mint's giveaway! The items came awhile ago, but I'm just now getting around to putting up the picture!
It's wonderful!
The only thing not pictured here that I also won are a very pretty pair of circle lenses! All these items are wonderful and I can't wait to use them! Thank you so much Minty!


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