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Hello and welcome to Milky-way Heart. I'm known to everyone as Abbie and this is my diary. I'm a 25 yr old Los Angeles, California girl.
In love with: Gyaru fashion, Fairy-Kei Lolita fashion, Fairy-tales, shoujo manga, mahou shoujo, anime, roses, rainy days, the color pink, make up & beauty products, and all things romantic & kawaii. And if you like me enough, I'd love for you to follow me.
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024: Let's talk! MWH's first blog chat
Hello everyone! How are you? I hope this week was kind to you, and I hope the weekend is even better! As for me, I am clinging to my last days of vacation, and trying to scramble to get all the things I want do done with the last bit of my free time before it's back to work! But this post is a special one, since it is Milkyway Heart's first official blog chat!

What is a blog chat, you may ask? Well, it's basically a time when I will ask you my wonderful readers, certain questions and we can to our heart's content in the comments! Sound fun, right? I really hope so! And this way, I can get to know more about my followers who mean so much to me. If this is successful I'd like to make this a weekly thing!

So, before we start out first blog chat, I'd like to thank my latest follower:
Thank you so much for the follow back! I really appreciate it and I hope you enjoy the blog!

Now, let's talk!

1. Is there any item(s)that you are lusting to have atm? For me personally, I'm always lusting over stuff! But somethings I really, really want more than others is some HeroineMake eye products! (For Heroine Make in English, be sure to check out their Facebook! Along with the special mascara and eyeliner sets based on Rose of Versailles From Creer Beaute

It's just so pretty. Heroine Make also has BB creams, foundations, and other make up items. Be sure to check them out!

2. What are your favorite ways to get inspired when you're in a funk? We all those times when we feel down to down and unmotivated! Whether it's getting started on that DIY we've been putting off forever, or having a style crisis, or changing a habit, etc. What do you do to get that extra push to get yourself going?

3. What some of your favorite blogs at the moment? I'm always on the hunt for new and great blogs, but the blogspot world is so huge, I couldn't possibly find them all! I especially love active gyaru blogs, lolita blogs, fairy kei, kawaii make up and fashion, etc! Who are you reading right now?

Well, that's all for this blog chat! I'm really looking forward to your answers and talking to you!

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