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025: Christmas in August - Gifts and Gets
Hello lovelies! How are you doing? Is your summer going well? How about your plans for fall? Every season is a new opportunity for abundant adventures! Before we start the post I'd like to thank my newest follower:


Thank you so much for following and I hope you enjoy the blog!

This August I was blessed to get some wonderful gifts from some very special people. I always want to show my gratitude to the great things that come into my life, so that I can always be open to receive more abundance. It seems each year that my big Christmas gifts come earlier and earlier! This time it was my long time dear friend Shannon decided to gift me with some lovely things.

Let's see what's in the box!

The packaging is alway such a tease isn't it?! But once I ripped through that Like the excitable child I am I found all the goodies inside!

Aren't these beautiful tokens just divine? In no particular order she sent me:
A bottle of Seche Vite Restore
Seche Vite Base coat
London Butter Nail polish
Stila travel palette "Fabulous in Fiji"
2 Elf Nail polishes
Color Club Nail polish
Nfu Nail polish (Those bottles are delightfully risque!)
Mini stuffed bunny
Mini stuffed duckling
Chibi Storm Cellphone charm
Metal keychain charm of Kyoka from Ouran Host High School
Pure Oil fragrances in Flamingo and Yume
A personal brass charm with my initial on it
Love & Louis XIV - I absolutely adore Baroque and Rococo history, so I can't wait to crack this book open this fall for a delicious read!

But wait there's more! I also received some of my most prized items yet:

All my friends know how much I love Juicy Couture and their designs that look like this, so I was beyond ecstatic to finally get not only a purse, but a wallet. They're so beautiful!

I love this set so much! Even though it's terribly sad about all of Betsy Johnson's stores closing down, we can always be thankful for her beautiful designs!

More JC, and some Christian Dior earrings. I just love hearts a lot, okay?

A mini haul from my recent trip to Sephora! I still have mixed feelings about the Lash Injection from Too Faced. We'll see how it holds up over time! It definitely requires you take the time to build up each layer before you start to see the results!

The following pictures are all things I bought from Miki's lovely shop Fairy tale boutique

The pale-pink star earrings were on sale for only $5.00 when I bought them! So wonderful! And I can't wait to coordinate that bracelet.

This 'Black Pearl' ring, is one of my favorite pieces. Design aside, the adjustable makes it wonderful for wearing on all fingers, and it's so versatile it can be dressed up or down, and matches pretty much everything. Viva la bows!

I love this ring a lot as well! Aside from it's lovely colors it's also adjustable in the back. It's a bit more formal than the Black Pearl, but that just makes it great for those Special Occasions.

And the matching bracelet to the 'Pink Crown'. Once I saw how well these two went together, I couldn't help but purchase the bracelet. The creamy pink pearls only help to enhance the regal feeling of the entire set, and wearing it will make you feel like a princess! Thank you so much Miki for opening up Fairytale Boutique and allowing us local access to these beautiful items, and such good prices. Lastly that brings me to a special announcement! It only 6 days, Milkyway Heart will have it's 1st Birthday! I can't believe I've been blogging for an entire year now! I'll have to do something special!

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