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Hello and welcome to Milky-way Heart. I'm known to everyone as Abbie and this is my diary. I'm a 25 yr old Los Angeles, California girl.
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031: Long over due
So as I type this it's 3:09 am, so forgive me if I'm incoherent or ramble on a little bit. I wanted to make a quick post on here to update a few things about my life, and the blog.
I finally got my laptop working again a few months ago, and I always meant to make a post about it but it didn't happen. Months went by, and before I knew it we were in November with no update on this blog. I don't know how long this hiatus was, maybe 5 months? 6? Too long regardless.

I still find myself in an environment that restricts my time, and space. I procrastinate so much with posts because I want them to be perfect, but in the end I come out with nothing, because I can't get it to look exactly the way I want to. I find I do that a lot with life as well unfortunately. In a perfect world, I would get to update my blog weekly with amazing things for everyone to see, but as time has shown us, I'm lucky if I can get monthly posts in.

Does this mean I want to quit blogging?  Absolutely not. Although the blog world I submerged myself in when I first started has dwindled significantly, I still enjoy it. I love reading up on my favorite bloggers, looking at their photos, hearing about their lives and gathering inspiration from them in one way or another. When I started MWH that was the goal I set out to have. I wanted to inspire people, have fun, and make friends. That's still my goal, but I have to figure out the way to go about it where I can do it consistently. I've made wonderful friends through blogging, and had a lot of experiences I would not have if it hadn't been for MWH.

But at a certain point, blogging also got burdensome. I would find myself with many many posts all queued up, but I would never post them because I never get around to finishing them. I also felt as if I was in this unspoken competition with god knows who, to always have more stuff.  More clothes, more make up, more kawaii-whatever, just more, more, more, more at it became too much. Photographing every singular purchase, keeping things in storage for months because I hadn't photographed them for the blog was ridiculous, and the longer I went without making a post the more daunting a task it became.

Now that I've had months to just do things without having to worry about an audience, I found that I missed blogging terribly. Even if I have a little hole-in-the-net blog, that only a handful of people know about, it was mine. I was expressing myself and my interested the way I wanted to.

Anyway! Where does that leave us? Well, I definitely want to come back to blogging, I've been thinking about how I should return, if I can just pick up where I left off. I definitely want to host a giveaway for things I've been hoarding for a while as a way of saying thank you to all the people who stuck around.

 I'm never going to change this layout though. LOL

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