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Hello and welcome to Milky-way Heart. I'm known to everyone as Abbie and this is my diary. I'm a 25 yr old Los Angeles, California girl.
In love with: Gyaru fashion, Fairy-Kei Lolita fashion, Fairy-tales, shoujo manga, mahou shoujo, anime, roses, rainy days, the color pink, make up & beauty products, and all things romantic & kawaii. And if you like me enough, I'd love for you to follow me.
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010: Friendship is Magic
"Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies." - Aristotle

Hello everyone, how are you all doing? I hope you're all happy and well of course. I'm so sorry for the lapse in my posting. Unfortunately, as I mentioned earlier my anemia has gotten worse, and make me feel terrible most of time. So I can really only do the bare basics. I'm so ashamed to say MWH has suffered because of this. I am steadily on my medication and I hope to be healthy, and back to normal as soon as I can. The fact that all of you have stood by me during this time means more than you can imagine to me. Thank you all so much, and I hope I continue to be worthy of your follower-ship in the future.

Now as always I'd like to extend my warmest greetings to my new followers:

Thank you lovely ladies for the follow. It means so much to me!

However, recently my times haven't been all gloom and exhaustion! If you remember before I'd mention Alexa before in previous posts. For awhile before then, I'd had the pleasure to exchange conversation with her via twitter and on to texting. We agreed to meet up since she was new to the area, and I was more than happy to show her around. Since we're both into Gyaru fashion, and make up and have an addiction to beauty products and false eyelashes I decided to take her to my local Marukai. Their selection of Japanese beauty products is quite great for such a small store if I do say so myself.

This is only one small section.
My favorite stand for the make up, the PA/Dear Laura selection.
They make my favorite brand of lashes!
 This Marukai carries everything from the infamous Dolly Wink, to Dear Laura, Heroine Make, Mellish, Diamond Lashes, and almost everything in between! They also carry non make up items by those brands such as accessories, facial masks, eye lash cases, and of course nail art supplies.

Alexa contemplates all the pretties.
Everything is oh so tempting when you're an addict. a make up lover
 After stock piling on make up, we took a look over the bookstore inside the market. They stock almost all of the gyaru fashion favorites: Popteen, Jelly, Egg, Ageha, Blenda, Vivi, etc. Sadly, I've yet to see a Ranzuki there! But that's what the Book Off next door is for.

All that shopping made us very thirsty, so before we headed to dinner, we decided to get some boba from the teppan place inside the plaza. I don't have much to say about their food having eaten there previously before, however their drinks are pretty darn good! Alexa had a milk tea, and I, forever the sweets lover decided on the strawberry boba slush.

Sweet, and delicious! 
So, after drinks, we had a wonderful time talking, and I poured over all of Alexa's new magazines. We had great discussions about life, fashion, make up, and everything under the sun. I had a wonderful time and it felt so good to make such a deep connection with someone so quickly!

After chatting and loitering we finally decided we were famished and headed over to dinner. It was a buffet kind of night and I recommended we go to one of my favorite buffets. Grand World has had my heart since the first time I stepped in there. They offered almost everything from frog's Legs to fresh sushi!

My plate! 
 Behold my dinner! -laughs- I'm sorry it's not arranged nicely! However as you can see I have various shrimp, sushi, glass noodles, sashimi, and yes I tried the frog legs!  They really do taste like poultry.  As usual, every thing was delicious and cooked to perfection. My favorite had to be the split butter cooked prawns. So, so good. I can't wait to go back.

During dinner, Alexa surprised me with some wonderful gifts. I was so moved by her kindness, I couldn't believe how much thought and consideration she put into everything. And there where so many too! I can't thank her enough! After we had our fill of dinner, it was time for dessert!

Believe it or not the happy face was
 One of the best desserts ever! Consisting of sweet bread, strawberries, fried banana, and "cheesecake".  Everything was so good, especially the sweet breads but I was absolutely full, so I couldn't eat anymore at all! After Alexa treated me to dinner, it was time to go home. We promised to meet up on that week for more fun!

And now time for some make pictures of that day.

 I apologize for the low grade cell phone pictures. Unfortunately, my cell camera is the only one I have access to, and it's a measly 3.5 pixels. I'm hoping to get access to a new and better digital camera, or at least find a way to make the one I have work with my computer again! Anyway for this look I used my mineral make up from  Sobe Botanicals. My base consisted of:

- Fashion Fair aloe vera moisturizer
- Smashbox Foundation primer
- Sobe botanical foundation in Deep
- Sobe Glow veil (Highlighter)
- Sobe Glow (Bronzer I used for contouring)
- Bellapierre Resonance (Blush)

For my eyes I used:
- Urban decay eyeshadow primer potion
- Sobe Glow Veil (high lighter)
- L'oreal HIP Matte eyshadow duo in Animated (White base, blue on the ends)
Bellapierre Resonance (pink in the corners)
- Urban Decay Super curl masacra
- Dear Laura  lashes in Dolly

I forgot lip make up, because I'm lame like that! 8D/

I attempted a coord picture!
And lastly, my pitiful attempt at a coordination picture! If you remember this outfit is from my gets post HERE

Needless to say the day was nearly magical, and I ended the night on cloud 9. Alexa and I met up again very soon within the next week! That post is coming tomorrow so look forward to it! Part 2 is here!

P.S. - Don't forget to show up Sunday at the J. Paul Getty Museum for the Gal meet up! Details HERE

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