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014: The Happiest Place on Earth!
"If you can dream it, you can do it" - Walt Disney

Hello, everyone! How are you doing? So, this is me trying me best to be a good blogger and follow through on getting rid of that backlog!
If you couldn't guess what this post is about already it's: DISNEYLAND!

However before I get into the post, I just wanted to say that I finally did get that promotion I had been talking about this past month! I was notified last night by the head of the site I was temping at. While I'm happy for the security the promotion provides, I was really sad to leave that site! My co-workers there were so chill, and awesome. Even though I was a temp they treated me like part of the family! Also the location was great, right next to a library, so I could kill all my extra time reading shoujo manga learning about interesting things! I'm really going to miss that site.

However, we all have to move on, so I'm excited for the new experiences that will come with this job, I hope they are all good ones, and I really hope everything works out!

So now, let's get to the content you've all been waiting for: My journey to the land of mouse!

It all started when my friend Courtney asked me when I was going to come visit her. I happily replied when I get the extra cash to go to Disneyland. She then happily put me in my place and told she would let me in for free, and in addition to that, gave the date as to when I would arrive. She also told me I could bring one guest.  So of course I immediately forced Alexa to tag along! We arrived in Anaheim to pick Courtney up and we were on our way!

If you've never been to Disneyland (And it was my first time) you get to ride on this adorable little tram into the park ways/Downtown Disney. And of course they have the tram ride railway decorated!

Pumpkin Royalty!
I wish I could have gotten a better picture of this, but it was so adorable! Pumpkin Prince and Princess Mickey and Minnie. After our tram ride, we got into the park, and since this was my first time I wanted to do EVERYTHING. It's that damn map that they give you. Makes it all so appealing.  The first thing I wanted to do was Pirates of the Caribbean ride, but it was sadly closed down. ;__;  So, we got a fast pass for Space Mountain, and journeyed around the park some more.

Because Courtney works there, she knew just about everyone and everything to do. We kept bumping into her friends/co-workers/roommates everywhere! After walking, we decided to hop on a carriage back so we could park hop, and I had a very lovely conversation with the driver about My Little Pony. We also made jokes about how big the horse's rump was!

Once we were at Disney's California Adventure, we decided it was lunch time, and I voted for Chinese. Courtney had to pay for mine, since I forgot my wallet in the car, and none of us felt like making that trek back up to the parking lot so soon.

Fortune Cookery. Now with 50% more Mystery from the Darkside of the Moon!

We ended up here! It had been more than 10+ years, since I had gone to California Adventure, and in that time I'd forgotten all about how Disney's version of "Chinese Food" works. But despite being pretty limited in options, it was delicious none the less!

Pretty Darn Tasty!
I had the curry beef bowl, with steamed rice and vegetables. The Fortune Cookery only serves one dish, in a variety of ways. Choose your sauce, choose your meat. Get this! Courtney got Teriyaki, and Alexa got Soy-sauce.

Nom nom time!
Alexa, cute as always! I want those ears!

Courtney Photobombed me!
Some special nail art for the day!
After we had a great lunch, sitting and talking, and I had a twitter misfire it was time to go on more rides. Still had time until Space Mountain, and we toyed around with the idea of going on California Screaming (An awesome roller coaster) but the idea was quickly vetoed in light of our having just eaten. Since that didn't work out, we wanted to go on Ariel's Undersea Adventure, but the ride was close down due to technical difficulties!

Thus it was then decided to kill our time we'd go to Soaring over California.

Soaring over California is a 3D simulated ride, and you're seated in moving seats, and watch a film highlighting the most lovely places California has to offer. It's a very chill ride and perfect for those of us with full stomachs, and extra time. After the ride it was finally time for Space mountain!

Since we had gotten fast passes earlier, we were able to just breeze on in with a very minimal wait time. Gotta love those things! Since we went during Halloween time, the ride was super tricked out to be scary. Instead of the usual journey through the stars, the ride had been taken over by a psychotic fire space demon! It was actually scarier than I'd thought it would be and I, ever the coward had my eyes closed through most of it! ^___^; When we finally got off, were a bit discombobulated, and a little spooked so we relaxed in the joint shops. I got a ticket to see Captain EO.

Being a Michael Jackson fan, it made me a bit sad, but the movie was also cute, AND it was in 3D. Some the effects were a little frightening for a younger audience and this one child started crying. Courtney laughed. She's just like that.

After our time in Space Mountain, we decided to walk down Main Street, and I was happy to get more photo ops!

All Halloween'd out!
Mickey is the real Pumpkin King. Yeah I said it.
After that, it was time for Courtney to get a super scar at Knott's Halloween Haunt! So she bid us goodbye, and Alexa and I went on. We decided we wanted see Downtown Disney, and walked on over, to see what new delights awaited us over there!

So lively!
Once we got there, Alexa and I were both transfixed by something neither of us expected:

Man, Touche, Disney. Of all the places to put a Sephora.  (Or should I tip my hats off to Minnie?) of course we spent too much a considerable amount of time there, because they just had so much stuff. It was pretty damn awesome. And the workers there complimented us on our eyelashes and make. It made me feel dynamite.  I could feel myself getting the grabby hands, and walked out before I spent Disneyland Money on make up. Alexa bought a few things, and we were off back the parks.

I suggested we try Ariel's ride again, and were just in luck! They had fixed the problems, and ride was back in action.

It was so lovely. We had like zip wait, and riding it really rekindled my love for The Little Mermaid. On Ariel's undersea adventure, you take a ride through the story of The Little Mermaid. It's wonderfully executed and I'd ride again any day.
Of course my cell phone decided it wanted to start dying (I have GOT to get a digital Camera) but I was able to snap a few shots of the ride!

Under the sea!
Ariel, your hair looks like soft serve ice-cream.

Mariah Carey's got nothing on me, Eric
Happily ever after. Her marriage will last longer than 72 days.
Needless to say, I've been listening to Kiss the Girl, ever since I got home. After a lovely experience under the sea, Alexa and I got some of the best ice-cream and soda on the pier. If you are ever there, try and order a medium ice-cream and drink. My total was $6.66. Disney, I see what you did there. You will not spook me into buying a larger size. Of course the outcome of my total was only made more darkly humorous by a comment I made on the architecture and design choices of the Ariel riding looking very similar to some famous Christian paintings. Oh LAWL.

We didn't ride anymore since the park had the ridiculous notion to close early, and Alexa wanted to get a corndog. I tried them too, and was disappointed you could only choose chips or apple slices as a side. Hello, where are the french fries?! But coming out of the ride, I got the most beautiful shot of the pier and the roller coaster.

Memories forever.
 Since we didn't have time for anymore rides, we soaked up the atmosphere and walked around the park. Alexa and I chatted with another awesome worker there named Natasha, and we exchanged twitters!

My souvenirs of the day. 

We then went home, happy. I had a wonderful experience there, and I can see how people easily become addicted to Disneyland. I never saw the big deal until I went, and now I'm scheming a way to get an annual pass! The next day it was back to the work grind, but I had such an amazing experience it held me up through the week. I really want to try and go back sometime in December just to see all the Christmas Decorations and go all the rides again. I really want to try Tower of Terror, and California Screaming!

Do you guys often get to go to Disneyland?

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