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023: Soak City Summer Fun
Happy Splashes!
Hello everyone! So I'm attempting to get back into the swing of blogging regularly. As usual, I would like to thank my latest follower:
Thanks so much!

Last Friday Lin and I took a trip to the OC to go to Soak City. I had a free ticket, and she wanted to go with her coupon from work.

We decided we wanted to get pedicures before going there, and it was relaxing! The nail salon is a local one, and they had Beyonce's "I AM . . ." tour on DVD. I also ran into an old friendly co-worker there. My only gripe is that the young lady who did my pedicure kept giving me mix signals as to what she wanted me to do with my feet, and she had a bit of an attitude! Which is very rude considering they had my wait so long before they started working on me.

Anyway after pedicures and a quick lunch of delicious fake Chinese food, we headed out to the park. Unfortunately traffic was pretty bad, but not as bad as it could have been.
When we finally got to the park we were lucky we didn't have to struggle too long for a space!

Once we paid and entered it was time to change into our swimwear. Now, let me say this: For all the money that Knotts makes on  Soak City, you would think they'd invest some of it into better changing rooms! I don't know about the men's room, but the rooms for women were gross! While they were big and filled with lots of showers, it was horrible hot in there. It was sticky and humid, and the floors were filthy. Also, while I know it's a water park, the changing room floors were extremely wet and I almost tripped twice while walking.  I felt bad for the poor attendant who was working the changing room. I'm sure she was trying hard but it was still horribly uncomfortable and again dirty dirty.

I made as speedily a change as I possibly could and met Lin outside. We headed over to the lockers and put all our things away. The one nice thing about the lockers is that they will give you back $5.00 when you return your key, so make sure to hold on to safely! It knocks the price of a regular size locker from $13.00 to $8.00. Not bad.

Once we were changed and ready, it was time to get wet! I wanted to go to the tidal pool first, but for whatever reason,they shut it down temporarily so we decided to go on the lazy river instead, It was so nice and relaxing, just bobbing around in the inner tube and playing around. Soak City always has a a very 'Feel Good' track of music playing in the background, so I spent most of the river bobbing along to the music and harassing Lin.

Once it was over we headed back to the Tidal wave pool, since it was open again. The whole thing with the tidal wave pool is that it lures you into a false sense of security. It starts out as being calm and docile like a little lake, and then suddenly to hear a siren from no where and it's ALL WAVES AND SCREAMING. I kid you not, and these are little pish-posh baby laps either. I'm talking like actual potential danger of not coming back up, waves. Unfortunately we couldn't get a inner tube and that makes up like 85% of the fun, so after the first round we left.
Please do not be fooled.

Lin wanted to get onto one of the big slides, so we stood in line for the Storm Watch. All the tubes are super windy so you never know where you're going to splash out of! It was actually my first time on a high velocity twisty water slide. When I came out of the end I was not completely pleased, and I had water in my nose.
This thing is a MONSTER.

When we left storm watch, Lin wanted to go on Bonzai Falls as our last major ride. It wasn't really to my fancy, and the wait line was very long. Also, of course they make you take off your shoes/sandals while you wait in line, and the icky ground made me feel so gross.

:| Worst attraction, ever.

Once we finished that, Lin took one last dip in the tidal wave pool, and I tried to dry off a bit before heading back to the germ breeding women's changing room. We then bid farewell to Soak City and headed home for dinner. I was craving ramen, so we went to this great local place called Mottainai.
If you are in the local to the Gardena area, and looking for a great chill back place to enjoy some good ramen, Mottainai is it! Like all the reviews say, it's clean, delicious, and the service is great. Also the portions they give you are huge. I always have some to take home the next day. Whenever I go back I want to try more of their side dishes.

And that was our Friday at Soak City! Before I close this post out, I'll leave you with some pictures I took on Saturday, and my latest magazine haul! Lots of inspiration to be found here!

Okay guys! See you around!

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