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001: Royal T/ Tune in Tokyo - GOOD Girl BAD Girl

Wow! Welcome to the first real post of Milkyway-Heart to whoever is reading!

      Recently, I went with my friend Lin to Tune In Tokyo's event held at Royal T in Culver City. It was a blast, and the theme was 'Back to School' night. Of course since I love school uniforms, it really gave me a chance to dig out that plaid skirt I'd had folded up in my closet. The event was huge, with many different wonderful and creative vendors. So many adorable things were being sold, but I only had my credit card on me at the time, and despite how absolutely cute everything was, I couldn't justify using the 'Emergency Card'. ;__;

 But I did get a lot of business cards, so I know where my next full paycheck is going to. What can I say, I love cute things! Even if I really don't need them.

I did take a few photos of the event, but I only had my camera phone, at the time. My phone also decided it wanted to be a butt and delete most of the photos, but I was able to salvage a grand total of: Two.
Damn technology. On to the pics!

Me at the event, I totally love how my eye make up came out!
Inside Royal T Cafe. This place is seriously adorable.

My outfit for the event

Well, that's all for now, next up will be  my wonderful Sunday with Alexis, and some recent gets. Thank you for reading!

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