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Hello and welcome to Milky-way Heart. I'm known to everyone as Abbie and this is my diary. I'm a 25 yr old Los Angeles, California girl.
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003: Gets and Pain!
Hey guys, how's it going? I'm so sorry for the lapse in getting up this new post, but I've come down with a horrible toothache!  It seriously hurts so bad. So my time has been preoccupied with: Writhing in pain, nursing my small bottle of Orajel, & calling around for dental clinics. I am unfortunately, an uninsured American.  Please wish my luck!

Anyway, enough about that! About a couple of weeks ago, I went to Chinatown with my Friend Lin. Anyone who knows me knows I love Chinatown. The atmosphere, the food (Dim sum! ) and last but not least the amazing bargains to be found. Now, I will gladly proclaim I am a bargain hunter. After all, why pay more when I can get it for less? Which leads me to one of my favorite places in Chinatown called The Garage.  Like the reviews say, it's a huge garage more or less filled with racks and racks of clothing.

This means when you go there, you need to have the time and patience to be able to paw through and find some things that will work out for you. But the owner is super nice, with a policy to let you exchange anything that doesn't fit, and because I'm a frequent (or as frequent as possible) shopper there, he even let me pick up an extra item for free! So all in all for only $10.00, I was able to purchase a 1 top, 1 half top, 1 vest and received a free dress!

The free dress in question. Although it looks velvet it's actually a soft breezy cotton. Love the bottom ruffle!  

Beautiful butterfly top. The back hangs loose, so you can see the lace insert! 
I bought this purse off Lin. It's nearly impossible for me to resist anything with hearts!

After our journey in Chinatown, Lin wanted leggings and thus we were off to the mall!
Which of course meant more hunting for me. It was a great day for bargains.
Super cute jeans for only $10.00!
Pocket detail, because I thought it was cute.
Comfy womfy flats! Need these for work.
Ruffled Halter that I've been wanting for AGES. Perfect for this weather! 
Marine top! I got matching earrings and bracelet. Can't wait to coordinate this!
Matching bow to go with the top! Love bows.

Phew! And that wounds up this session of gets! Editing all those photos took way longer than it should have! Stupid tooth, stupid slow computer! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Which leads me to the question, how do you prefer to post & view Gets? Immediately upon returning home from purchasing, or do you like to let them accumulate and post a huge one all at once? Let me know!

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