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020: The happiest hot pot

Hello everyone,  and Merry Christmas! I hope you're all having a wonderful one.
Yesterday, Lin came over and we had a great Christmas Eve. She loaned me her culinary skills, and I gave up my kitchen and food and we made delicious, delicious Nabe. She even brought over some of her homemade kimchi! I have made her promise to make my own personal vat next time.
We had been planning to cook the nabe for a long while, but clashing schedules always got in the way! 

So, I was so happy when I got her morning text asking to come over and cook! Since we had previously bought all the food, we got right into it. There was so much chopping involved! And poking my frozen crabs.

Let's get cooking!
Before we started on the nabe, we made fried eggplant circles and they were amazing!

These are not cucumbers!
 Cell picture quality is poor but, these are the chopped up eggplant I worked so hard on! ;3;/ There were salt and peppered to taste, rolled in floor and Lin did the honors of frying and making them come out delicious! I usually like my eggplant sautéed with tofu in soysauce but this was a quick and delicious treat!

The nabe consisted of lots of delicious vegetables such as bean sprouts, cabbage, green onions, and bokchoy! I also discovered something very cute when I cut up the bokchoy.

Too precious!
The bottom of the bokchoy resembles a rose when cut up! It's something small, but I find awe in the little things in life. So after all the prepwork, we finally got the pot and cooking! Everything smelled so good, and looked so delicious, even my mom (who's really closed minded when it comes to food) was asking when everything would be finished cooking.

*drool* Finish cooking!

Delicious crabs!

It felt like forever, but when everything was done, it was better than expected! The soup was so good and savory, and all the seafood was delicious, the flavors all melded so well! And then coupled with the kimchi and the fried eggplant, it was a real feast! We finished it all with a Ranma 1/2 movie, and a delicious strawberry cheesecake. *^v^*

It was a very quiet Christmas Eve, but a great one spent with family and friends! How was your Christmas eve and Christmas day?

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